Let’s Talk About It: How Did You Get Into Pop-Punk?

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There is a band that sticks out in your mind the instance that “pop-punk” is mentioned. Whether that’s A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, Sum 41 or Blink-182 that’s simply up to you and is completely okay! There is that one band that embodies the feelings and tune that you consider to be the quintessential definition of pop-punk. Mine (for example) is either The Wonder Years or A Day To Remember. Both bands are as pop-punk as they come (sure, ADTR has a metalcore/post-hardcore side to them too but have you ever heard ‘You Had Me At Hello’?) and I am completely in love with their entire libraries of songs.

“So, Caleb, how did you get into pop-punk? What was it? WHO was it?!” I remember being almost 10 years old when “All The Small Things” came out and I was instantly hooked. I was falling in love with Linkin Park and looking for more heavier/less country music. I happened upon blink-182 thanks to my uncle who gave me a burnt CD his friend at work had gave him and he didn’t want it. Track 8, I’ll never forget that. I had that on repeat for months. I learned all the lyrics and wanted to buy Dude Ranch so bad I could taste it. Of course, my parents were a little sketched out by that.

A long comes 2001 and let me tell you how weird it is to grow up during one of the biggest years in the United States of America’s history. Seeing System of a Down’s “Toxicity” get removed from store shelves shortly after 9/11 because they had a lyric at the beginning of “Chop Suey” that stated “We’re rolling ‘Suicide'” was absolutely insane. While I was purchasing things at my local record store, I stumbled upon “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” and instantly had to buy it, explicit content or not.

I will give my parents credit; they were always cool with not censoring my media or my engagement with the outside world (within reason). Lyrics are art and I love them no matter how fucked up they come across. Listening to “Happy Holiday’s You Bastard” at the ripe age of 11 was an eye opening experience. From then on, I bought anything blink-182 put out and kept looking for more and more bands that sounded close to their style.

I ended up getting way more into metalcore, deathcore, and death metal than pop-punk during my early and late teenage years, but I did stumble upon a pre-release copy of “For Those Who Have Heart” by A Day To Remember. I fell in love with that band, right there. I have every single t-shirt, album, and have started a vinyl collection of these guys. My ex-wife even took me to see them back in June of 2019. I love them. Literally have no other words for it.

So, I can thank my love for pop-punk to the dudes of blink-182 and A Day To Remember for showing me the mixture of sounds that can be part of this genre. Band’s that I’ve been digging lately are Summer Wars, Settle Your Scores, and The Story So Far. I’ll admit it, I turned 30 this year in February and could give a fuck less what you think of my musical taste. I love most genres, but nothing speaks to me more. I hope you enjoyed this crazy trip down memory lane.

How did you get into Pop-Punk?! Tell me about it in the comment section below.


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