Pop-Punk Bros: A Playlist

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Hello you salty old bro. Welcome to your new home. I know you’re pushing thirty or better at this point, but you absolutely love Pop-Punk and you can’t get away from it. Sure, you’ve attempted to listen to metalcore, death metal, even that new era “Sad Boi” emo/rap crossover stuff, but you keep coming back to the Pop-Punk that you have loved and the tunes that truly shaped you into the human you have become (whether that’s good or bad).

This blog will be your essential bread and mother fuckin’ butter when it comes to new and somewhat older tunes in the genre. We’ll keep you updated on the latest, but also show you shit you may have missed out on in the past few years while you were working towards becoming the stiff that you are today. Hopefully, we can liberate you a bit and take you back (even if it’s just in your mind) to the skate park, late nights in the back of a car, and just hanging out with your friends on the weekends.

If we sound like your cup of tea (shit… let’s be serious; your can of PBR), throw on your flannel, khaki shorts, and your low top vans and let’s kick some tunes together! Here is the blog’s Spotify playlist if you would like to partake my guy (or girl). Let’s get this shit rolling!


See you dudes soon! Enjoy!


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