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Summer Wars
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Few bands that I’ve listened to for such a short period of time have connected with me like these dudes do. Summer Wars is honestly one to of the inspirations for this website. They hail from Raleigh, North Carolina and have been making tunes (according to their Bandcamp page) since around 2015 and I am honestly kicking myself everyday that I didn’t know about them.

I found these dudes by complete accident. I was browsing YouTube looking for something to listen to at work. I had been rather down at the time, listening to ‘Nerve‘ by The Story So Far and a LOT of Mayday Parade. I found their video for “End of an Era” and I was instantly hooked. I sent a message to Andy (another pop-punk head that I work with) over our messenger client. His response was, “God. Damn.” and I couldn’t agree with that sentiment more. They instantly hooked both of us in. I went to Bandcamp and dropped the $6 for the digital copy of the album (and recommend you support them as well). After listening to it from start to finish, I instantly had a co-favorite pop-punk band to A Day To Remember; yep, that’s right.

They are currently in writing mode according to their social media accounts and that is based off of what we see on YouTube. Their new video for “Synthetic” which features Nick Casasanto of Knuckle Puck is another banger that makes it even harder to wait for their next release.

From everything I’ve heard from these dudes, it is top notch tunage. If you are in the mood for something a little more low and slow, check out their “Acoustic EP” but don’t forget to bring your tissues for a few of the tracks. “Live Defeated”‘s lyrics ‘You’re keenly self aware too much for your own good, you sabotage yourself more than I ever could” literally gives me goose bumps every time I hear it and brings tears to my ducts. That line really hits me.

If you want to follow Summer Wars and find out when and where they will be in the future, check out all of their social media links below and give them a shout letting them know what you think of their content. I, for one, L-O-V-E everything that has graced my eardrums from them so far. So much so, that I have tweeted them to ask them to play in Charlottesville (about a 25 minute drive over the mountain) and they replied that they “…would love to come to Charlottesville, we’ve played Richmond a couple of times…”[1]! Here’s to hoping! Enjoy my dudes and dudettes!


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