How I’ve Lost Weight During Quarantine

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Hello all! I’m not the kind of guy that is going to take your valuable time and attempt to sell you some stupid “Get Thin Quick” supplement or useless workout gear. What I am going to do is tell you how my phone, a few foam puzzle pieces, a scale, and some time off have impacted my life for the good.

Let’s start off with your diet. It’s completely awful and you know it. Don’t lie to me or yourself and say it’s not ‘that bad’ as you sit there knowing damn well you ate like a pig yesterday. Having a crazy eating day is okay every once in a while, but you know you need to eat better. Want some simple meals that you can literally mix and match for meals through out the week?

  • – Chicken breast (cutlets are the best IMO for one meal)
  • – Frozen Extra Large Shrimp with tails – 2lbs lasts me almost two weeks while swapping chicken in and out of rotation.
  • – Eggs cause you know, best protein per egg ratio.
  • – Steamable frozen bags of broccoli. It’s simple, low in calories, and you can eat the whole bag in one sitting.
  • – Non-fat Greek yogurt with fruit on bottom. They run about 120-140 calories but are a good source for dairy.
  • – Salad mix, usually romaine hearts. Fixings for the salad can include tomatoes, peppers, onions, and eggs. If you choose a dressing, go with some sort of oil type or if you have to go with ranch (I’m guilty of this) follow the recommended serving size and go with a low or no fat option.
  • – Crystal Light if you need something sweet to drink. No sodas, not even Coke Zero or any diet sodas. They all have some sort of sweetener that holds water on your body. Crystal Light has similar sweeteners, but not nearly the amount of chemicals. It’s the “better” option if you must, but water is the best.
  • – Black coffee if you’re fasting as it won’t take you out of your fast. I usually put some sort of powder creamer in mine now or a little bit of french vanilla International Delight (because black coffee is still something I’m learning to love).
  • – Sriacha and ketchup are going to be your best friends. More so with the rooster sauce, but it literally can go on anything.
  • – One-a-day Men’s Total Vitamin. Not sure if this is actually helping, but I started taking them around the same time as I started my weightloss and they are a great source of vitamins that you normally are missing out on.

And that’s basically my diet for lunches. I still eat “normal foods” at night but use portion control techniques to keep myself from going over my allotted caloric intake. This is in combination with lunch! Everything up there when added together (for example, 10 shrimp and a yogart) will only run you roughly 200 calories for lunch! That’s insane when you have 1600 to eat all day. But if you exercise first, you can gain about 120 extra calories that you burned off. So that same meal that was 200ish calories is now 80ish calories plus your putting good protien back into your body to help repair and grow your muscles from the workout. Now you’ll have almost your full caloric intake for the rest of the day.

Snacking needs to cease, now. If you have to snack, eat an Apple, Banana, or a Cucumber. Although most fruit is high in carbohydrates, it’s a better option than eating a bag of Doritos or noshing out on something in the fridge because you’re bored.

Now onto the meat of the article, the apps that will help in your journey. I’m an Android user but I also have a work iPhone. Most of the apps I’m listing are available on both platforms.

Lose Weight 30 days

Pick between the two for whichever satisfies the type of body you’re going for. Most of the workouts are identical but some lean towards one biological gender or the other. Don’t pay for the premium:




Decent for seeing statistics, tracking food and water, and giving you ideas for recipes. They even have meal and diet plans if you choose to go premium. Some of the recipes I’ve seen are pretty good ideas. I can’t wait to try a fried egg wrapped in turkey to be honest.

Heart Trace 2

Better than the Android Wear heart monitor in my opinion. Allows for exporting of heart rates as .csv files. Also keeps an eye on your health and resting heart rate. Mine dropped a whole eight beats per minute so far. That’s how much viseral fat I’ve lost around my heart.


This is your defacto fasting app. I used it all through April on a 16 hours fasting, 8 hours of eating then moved to a 18:6. Remember, water and black coffee without cream and/or sugar won’t hurt or stop your fast. I now have times that I know by heart not to eat until or after so I’ve deleted it since:

Google Fit

This is what I use to tie everything together. My friend uses Fitbit for her tracking needs. Keeps decent track of steps and is a good way to remind you to move if you’ve been sitting too long.


This is the app that my smart scale uses. It shows you a lot of awesome information, graphs it, and shows you where you need to improve. You can grab the scale at Amazon for under $30 shipped. Well worth it.


Scale link:

Exercise Puzzle Mat

My friend gave me this for free so I can’t rate it based on price. However, this will save your arms and elbows during plansk, push-ups, and burpees.


Have you ever wanted to run a race? A 5K or better perhaps? A little nervous still to do it around other folks? Join my virtually on Yes.Fit @cfultz so we can race and compare times! If you use offer code ubCOi89L during check-out of your first race to receive a discount! This deal applies to your first purchase only.

Used in combination, all of these apps and extras have lead to me losing nearly 30lbs within the last month and a couple of days. My goal weight currently is 230lbs (coming down from 290 last year at this time) which is a healthy looking weight for my frame plus it’ll give me enough to work with on getting more toned. Exercise and eating right is key in any weight loss or gain situation.

Couple them with my diet changes and my results have been awesome. Sure, some days the scale didn’t move or even went back the other way, but don’t let that discourage you. Keep on keeping on with your work outs and diet, you’ll see the pounds come off!

“BUT wait, Caleb! Where is all the workout gear?! No kettlebells or dumbbells?! No jump rope or elastic door bands? What gives?!”

Thank you for reminding me! This entire exercise/diet is based on the HIIT philosophy. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training which means you do a bunch of different work outs in rapid succession with very short rest times in-between using only your body weight. There are some exercises and HIIT variants that use weights and other accessories, but this app is all about body weight HIIT! You can literally workout anywhere you are with what you have with you, since you’ll always have your body with you (I hope).

What are some other ways you’ve tried to lose/gain weight? Were they successful? Did they suck? Let me know down below about them!


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